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Carver Impala Street Surfer 32

Carver Impala Street Surfer 32 - Das Carver Skateboard für die Skateboarder unter den Surfern!
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Carver Skateboards

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Carver Impala Street Surfer 32

Carver Impala Street Surfer 32 - Das Carver Skateboard für die Skateboarder unter den Surfern!

Inspired by the classic 1970's lowrider favorite, the thinner 8 1/2" template keeps it light, with a bit more room at the nose for wide stance carving.

Carver C5 Achsen:

For years we've been blending surf and skate, but as surfskate progresses and riders incorporate more traditional skateboard tricks into their style, we set out to design equipment that supports this progression. Lower, narrower trucks, new school double kick deck mold and smaller wheels all facilitate tricks while still supporting grippy, snappy carving.Skateboarders have invented many great tricks since the early days, and a truly modern surfskate needs to incorporate this history of progression. And so the C5 System (C5 front, C4 rear) is shorter and narrower, lowering the center of gravity and giving the tail more pop. You get higher ollies, and better control. And the narrower hanger and deck keep it light and maneuverable. This is the next generation of surfskate, blending tricks and flow into a complex, creative expression across the urban landscape.

Carver Impala Eigenschaften:

  • Deck: Carver Impala
  • Length: 32"
  • Width: 8 1/2"
  • Wheelbase: 14 1/2"
  • Wheels: 58mm Roundhouse Park wheels
  • Achsen: Carver C5 front, Carver C4 back

Surfing meets Skateboarding - Carver C5 Truck

Checkt ab wie Geoff Sagara mit der Carver C5 Achse Surfen und Skateboarden verbindet!

Carver Skateboards Impala Surfskate

Das Carver Impala mit der Carver C5 ist das ideale Surfskate für die Skateboarder unter den Surfern!

Carver Impala Videos:

Carver C5 Surfskate Street Surfer Achse



HerstellerCarver Skateboards
Lieferzeit2-3 Tage
Deck-Länge81,28 cm (32")
Deck-Breite21,59 cm (8.5")
AchseCarver C5
Rider Gewicht40kg - 50kg, 50kg - 60kg, 60kg - 70kg, 70kg - 80kg


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