Rob Machado - Firewire

Rob Machado Shaper Surfer Midas Firewire Todd Glasser

The professional surfer and style master Rob Machado shapes his own surfboards within the Firewire surfboards family.

The Firewire Seaside is the latest surfboard from Rob Machado's Shaping Room. The Seaside comes as a quad fin setup and is a further development of the popular retro performance twin-fin Go Fish.

If you prefer to surf a thruster, the Machado Midas and Firewire Moonbean are just the thing for you. Both boards have the Firewire LFT technology.

The all time classics of Rob Machado are the Almond Butter and the Firewire Creeper. These surfboards are wrapped in Timbertek and provide a relaxed surf style.

An overview of all Firewire surfboards can be found here: Firewire Surfboards

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