Carver Skateboards Comparison

Carver Skateboards Comparison

Here you will find information about the questions:

  • What Carver Skateboard suits to me?
  • What is to be considered when selecting the Carver skateboard?
  • What are the different criteria for selecting the Carver board?


1. Selection of Carver surfskate trucks

From the Carver brand you currently have the choice between the following surfskate trucks:

  • Carver C7 Achse: The older generation of Carver surfskate system - With the Carver C7 the surfskate revolution came to the fore. The premium surfskate truck is considered the non-plus ultra when it comes to bringing the surf feeling to the street. The truck system offers many adjustment possibilities and is characterized by extremely smooth and round movements.
  • Carver CX.4: Meanwhile the fourth generation of the Carver CX system, which you will find among the most complete boards of Carver skateboards. The very light surfskate truck is in no way inferior to the Carver C7 system. Carver´s go-to surfsakte truck!
  • Carver CX Mini: The Carver truck for the mini cruiser skateboards - For a small board the best surfskate system.


For a detailed discussion of the Carver truck systems look here: Carver Trucks Overview


2. Carver Skateboard

Comparison Surfskates by Carver Skateboards

Carver Skateboards provides a comparison between surfboard and appropriate carver skateboard. Most Carver skateboards move to this ranking between 5´1 (about 1.60 meters) and 6´2 (about 1.90 meters) of the surfboard. The Carver skateboards, which are significantly different are the small models such as the Carver Snapper and Carver Swallow and the big models like the Carver USA Resin and Greenroom.

  • If you like small turns and you are more likely to be small to medium sized you are oriented to the Carver skateboards on the left side of the presentation, such as the Carver Snapper or Swallow.
  • Big riders or those who like to do large turns with Carver skateboards should choose a board on the right hand side of the graphic. Examples are the Carver USA Resin and the Carver Greenroom.

Carver Skateboards Surfboards


Carver Board Length

  • Mini Carver Boards are between 25.5“ (about 65 cm) to 29“(about 74 cm) long. Mini boards are extremely agile and very easy to accelerate. With them you can get very jagged turns. They are ideal for driving on small surfaces, such as generally in the city, garage entrances or skate parks. The smaller the board, the more agile it is. This means, of course, that the longer boards are more stable than the very short ones.

  • Normal boards are between 29“ (about 74 cm) and 33“ (approximately 84 cm) long and correspond to the standard surfskate lengths. They are especially suitable for all-round use where, besides surfing with pumping and carving, you can also take a trip through the city and simply cruise. They are manoeuvrable and easy to accelerate. The differences in lenghts in this group of boards are rather small, so the differences in performance are also gradual.

  • The boards in the middle range are between 33“ (about 84 cm) and 36“ (about 91 cm) long. They are more stable and you have to use a little more power to speed up, but they are also faster on the road. If one were to travel at greater distances, they are more suitable than the short boards. They are a combination of stability and maneuverability, which can be used even at longer distances.

  • Longboards are between 36“ (about 91 cm) and 43“ (approx. 109 cm) long and correspond to classical longboards. They are stable and flow through the larger radius in curves more smoothly than the more jagged, shorter boards. The acceleration from the stand will be more difficult with a longer board, but the individual pumping movements will lead to more speed, the heat transfer will be higher than with more boards. These boards are very well suited to allow you to cross longer distances easily and to drive larger curves. On these boards you can also use traditional longboard techniques such as cross stepping and hanging ten, hang five etc.



The wheelbase = distance between front and rear truck significantly affects the performance of the board. The performance of the carver truck is best achieved when you use the front foot just behind the front truck and the rear foot above the rear truck. The wheelbase should therefore also match your stance.

3. Other influencing factors

Size and weight of the rider

Basically, smaller riders have more fun on smaller boards and larger riders on larger boards. But that also depends on which type of skating you prefer, which skills you bring along or which terrain you want to skate.

A small rider, who would like to drive straight along the a lake, will still be able to choose a larger board than the 1.80m rider, who in a large city with the board would take just a few blocks to the work.


What makes Carver and other surf skateboards so special?

One-way forward: Driving with a surfskate is not a comparison to a cruiser skateboard or a longboard!

A surfskate is extremely manoeuvrable and you can drive even the smallest curves easily. Cruiser skateboards look similar to the Carver skateboards, while the cruiser skateboards are not as agile at all.

The term „Surf-Skateboard“ also comes from the movement on the surfboard, which is very reminiscent of surfing waves. The feet and movements in the upper body are very similar to those of surfing. Many surf professionals and surf schools recommend Surf Skateboards for surf training!

But also for those who have nothing to do with surfing and waves, Surf Skateboards bring a lot of fun!

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