About Surf-Skateboards

Waves, cutbacks, barrels, wipeouts are our world.

However we are landlocked surf fanatics who spend every vacation at the ocean. In the time between vacations we enjoy river waves, stormy sea in the Mediterranean and riding the street and skate parks.

That’s why we were totally freaking out riding a surf-skateboard for the first time – to be able to practice surf moves on the streets!

We soon discovered that there are a lot of people like us. After experiencing that friends and total strangers started to wipe us off our boards to try them out we are sure that

surf skateboarding is fun for everyone!

We want to share our fun with surf skateboards with you and offer you an ever growing selection of surf skateboard equipment. All boards, trucks and hardware are tested by us.

You can be sure that our selection offers you quality and fun riding experience.

We offer advice on which board suits you best concerning skill level, size etc. and all other questions concerning surf skating.

In the meantime, our shop has grown to include more products that we recommend and love for everything to do with riding: SUPs, surfboards and snowboards - to be continued!

For questions or feedback for us and our shop:

Just write an e-mail to info@surf-skateboards.com

Let it roll!

Your Surf-Skateboards Team

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