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Surfskate Videos: Carver, Smoothstar and YOW Skateboards in Action

Smoothstar Skateboards Surf Trainer

Skateboard: Smoothstar Skateboards Trucks: Smoothstar Thruster

Smoothstar Skateboards - The ultimate surf trainer! For surfing training Smoothstar is our favourite surfskate.

German Surfchamp Marc Piwko trains with Smoothstar

Skateboard: Smoothstar Skateboards Trucks: Smoothstar Thruster

German surfing champion Marc Piwko trains his surfing maneuvers with Smoothstar skateboards.

Carver Roundhouse - They Grip. You rip.

Skateboard: Carver Proteus Trucks: Carver CX.4

Carver CX.4 - New surfskate truck technology: Cutbacks, Bottom Turns, Snaps - Surfing on land with ease!

Monsta Carver ... the ultimate surfing crosstrainer

Ricky Schaffer

Skateboard: Carver Monsta Trucks: Carver C7

Ricky Schaffer illustrates how the Carver Skateboard will help you to surf better than you've ever surfed in your life. He explains the mechanics behind the Carver C7 truck system and demonstrates the basic surf manoeuvres: bottom turn and cutbacks.

YOW Surf Skateboards

Skateboard: YOW Surf Skateboards Trucks: YOW Surfskate System

Mit dem YOW Surfsakte System von YOW Surf aus Spanien bringst du deine Surfmanöver auf die Straße vor deiner Haustür.

Carver Skateboards - Summer Vibes

Geoff Segara, Jake Smith

Skateboard: Carver Serape, Carver Swallow Trucks: Carver CX

Surfing on land: No matter if bottom turn, top turn or cutback, these guys surf on land with their Carver Skateboards.

Blazed and Amused

Jared Mell

Skateboard: Carver Eggbeater Trucks: Carver CX

Whether on land or in water, Jared Mell demonstrates retro surf style with his single fin surfboard and the Carver Eggbeater.