Why Surf-Skateboards?

Carver Skateboards Turns Sequence

Surf Skateboard vs. Cruiser Skateboard, Longboard

All around the globe more and more people are discovering the surf skateboard, in this country best known by the brand Carver Skateboards.

Many people ask themselves – why should the surf skateboard from Carver Skateboards or other brands be so different from riding a longboard, cruiser skateboard, penny board and whatever else is available?!

Since we started riding the carvers, we wonder why it took so long for someone to question the world of static and identical front and rear axles on the board and develop something new.

With cruiser skateboards and longboards you can do one thing well: go straight ahead!

With the static trucks on cruiser skateboards and longboards you can do one thing well: go straight ahead. With the surfskate trucks, you have a lot more possible movements; comparable to the long wooden planks you used to surf on in the past and the sleek shortboards of today or the skis of the early 60s and the carver skis of today

Main differences from surf skateboards to longboards, cruiser skateboards

  • With the surf-skateboards you can ride extremely agile curves, both small racy curves and slalom curves.
  • The movement range is very similar to the one of surfing, therefore the board is increasingly used by surf schools and hobby surfers as well as pro surfers to train their surfing out of the water. Carver now has several pro models in its range, which were created by pro surfers. For example the Fort Knox by Taylor Knox.
  • With the Carver Speed can be generated without putting the foot down once ; purely from a tilting movement from toe to heel out; which is called Pumping.
  • Other steering behaviour is achieved by a rotating arm in the surfskate truck system: The front truck of surf skateboards or carver skateboards has a movable rotating arm; this results in the mobility of the board. The rear truck, like the fin on the surfboard, serves as a pivot point for the board. With the rear foot you push the board into the curves and the front truck rotates smoothly into the curve.

Sean Mattison Surfturn on a Carver Skateboard

For whom are surf skateboards suitable?

With these boards you can really say: for everyone! Young and old, Sunday walkers, recreational athletes or ambitious workout junkies; you have quickly learned to ride the surf skateboards, you move in the fresh air and bring the whole body into action;

Surf Training with the surf-skateboards

Of course, the carver skateboard is also especially suitable for surf training. Surf schools and surf instructors have been teaching surfskate to their students for a long time, not only to provide entertainment on flat days, but also to practice certain surfing moves like roundhouse cut backs, bottom turns, top turns and so on. Because in the sea you sometimes wait a long time for the next wave to try a new move; this can be tested and perfected on the surfskate immediately!

We have collected some video tutorials for you here: Surf-Skateboarding Instructions

Surfing on land with the skateboard
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