Smoothstar Dolphin Cruiser Longboard Surfskate 39

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You are not sure which board length is the right size for you. Our size chart can help you choose. If you have any further questions, you can contact us by e-mail
You are not sure which board length is the right size for you. Our size chart can help you choose. If you have any further questions, you can contact us by e-mailn
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A surfboard must offer enough buoyancy so that you can paddle comfortably, start waves and land safely on the board during take-off. A surfboard that is too small will be no fun if you suddenly only get two waves per surf session. Conversely, the surfboard shouldn't be too big for you either. After all, you want to reach the next surf level, practise turns or learn the duck dive.

A very good indicator of which board suits your surfing level, your weight, your surfing experience and your surfing fitness, is the volume of the surfboard measured in liters.

Use the table above to find the right volume for you.

Smoothstar Surfskate - Dolphin 39 - Das Surf Longboard für classic Surfing!

Smoothstar Surfskate - Dolphin 39

Die Surfskates von Smoothstar aus Australien sind der ultimative Surf Trainer und heben dein Surfen auf das nächste Level. Für Profi Surfer wie Felipe Toledo gehört das Smoothstar Surfskate zum täglichen Trainings Alltag zur Verbesserung von Surf Technik und Flow.

"Smoothstar Thruster" - Das Surfskate System von Smoothstar überzeugt uns total und wir sind hellauf begeistert. In das Surfskate System von Smoothstar fließen über mehr als 14 Jahre Entwicklung und Erfahrung. Das Resultat ist eine robuste und einwandfrei funktionierende Surfskate Achse.

Welcome back to the traditional form of skateboarding, the 39″ is the Best Surfing Longboard Malibu. Cruising on your longboard up and down the beach front and making long drawn out carving turns. This is where the new 39″ longboard cruiser comes excels. It has a nice wide slightly concave deck tapering down to a medium rear kicker. The board comes complete with the new Thruster I turning mechanism, a fully polished metal alloy with a tighter spring, giving you improved control when carving hard or gliding across steep slopes and hills. The 50mm wide rubber wheels provides the board with extra stability and superior grip.

Wer sein Surfen pushen will, ist mit dem Smoothstar genau richtig!


  • Deck: Smoothstar Dolphin 39
  • Deck-Breite: 9,5”
  • Deck-Länge: 39"
  • Wheelbase: 26,4"
  • 5 x ply Stradified American Bearch + 2 x ply Candian Maple
  • Single Kick Tail
  • Achse: Smoothstar Thruster
  • Kugellager: ABEC-5
  • Rollen: Smoothstar Wheels Stingrays 62mm 83a
  • das Deck liefern wir komplett montiert

Das Surfskate passt für Rider:

  • Körpergröße: 175 bis 210 cm
  • Gewicht: 80kb - 120kg

Was ist Smoothstar?


Der deutsche Surfchamp Marc Piwko über Smoothstar:


Checkt das Smoothstar Dolphin in Action mit World Longboard Champion Harley Ingleby:


Surf artist Jason Sanger talks about his inspiration behind the Dolphin Cruiser design:

More Information
Lieferzeit2-3 Tage
Size99cm | 39"
Deck Width24,13cm | 9.5"
Wheelbase68 cm | 26.75"
TruckSmoothstar Thruster
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