How to Surfskate | How to Carver Skateboard

Carver Surfskate Training - Beginner

In this video Sean Mattison explains the basics for surfskate beginners:

  • What is the ideal foot and leg position on the skateboard?
  • What posture is optimal on the surfskate?
  • How to pump and gain momentum on the Carver Skateboard?
  • Board: Carver Flying Manta

When your foot position and posture are correct, then you accelerate the board with a tilting movement alternately from heel to toe. You can further speed up with a rotation of your upper body. With practice you pump effortlessly along the road without having to bring your foot off the board!

Carver Surfskate Training - Advanced

The Carver Skateboard Tutorial for advanced skaters:

  • How do I generate speed on the Carver Skateboard?
  • How can I do a bottom turn and top turn?
  • How do I change the direction with a cut back?
  • Board: Carver Flying Manta

If you can generate speed, then it´s time for turns! With compact posture and low center of gravity you learn the bottom turn, one of the most important maneuver in surfing. As a next step you initiate the top turn and cut backs by a head and shoulder rotation!

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