Frequently asked questions about surfskate

What is a surfskate?

A surfskate is a skateboard for surfing on the street! The special front axle allows movement sequences similar to surfing. The Surfskate is so to speak a surfboard for the street. The turning dynamics of the Surfskate axle enables short and agile turns like surfing.

A surf skate can be pumped along the road - driving and building up speed - without putting your foot down on the road. This feeling is unique and the movements are not possible with conventional longboards.

If you can't wait for your next surf trip, want to improve your surfing skills or are just looking for a super fun cruiser for the city, a surf skate is the right thing for you!

What is the difference between surfskate trucks and classic longboard trucks?

Compared to conventional longboards, the Surf Skateboards offer a completely new and different way of riding! The motion sequences on the surf skateboards are very close to surfing and therefore very different from longboarding and skateboarding.

The Surfskate axles allow you to build up speed by shifting your weight on the board. You can ride the Surf Skateboards and get faster without having to put your foot on the road. This is not possible with normal skateboard or longboard axles!

The body movement required for this is called pumping and comes very close to movement sequences during surfing.
The Surfskate axles are much more agile than longboard axles and allow very tight curves, radii that are simply not possible with longboard axles!

Turns on the surf skateboard are very similar to the movements on the surfboard. Carver axes are specially developed for all those who want to simulate surfing movements.

Which Carver truck system: Carver C7 or Carver CX.4?

Both carver axles work perfectly for surf skating and surf manoeuvres can be performed equally well! Both axle systems fit perfectly with the boards and decks from our range

With the Carver C7 axle the whole Surfskate movement came into rolling and is the first Surfskate axle system from Carver. The turning dynamics is made possible by a double-jointed axle system.

The Carver CX.4 axle is the new surf skate axle from Carver. The turning dynamics are created here with a special axle suspension - Reverse King Pin.

The Carver C7 with its double joint offers more adjustment possibilities than the Carver CX. The Carver CX, on the other hand, is simpler and slightly less expensive and is easy on the wallet.

With both axles turns can be driven equally well and close! Even uphill pumping is possible with both axle systems. The Carver C7 axle can also be made narrower. If you want to practice surfing turns, you will make less use of it.

With the Carver C7 the Surfskate development has started, so the axle is very popular. The Carver CX.4 is new and is only just gaining popularity. Future boards will be equipped by Carver with the CX.4 axle as standard.

Both axes are equally suitable for surf manoeuvres! The Carver C7 turns smooth like a single-fin surfboard and the Carver CX is quick and responsive like a thruster shortboard.

Which Surf Skateboard is the right for me?

Which surf skateboard is the right one for you depends on your body size, your shoe size and also the area of use and personal preferences.

The higher your body or shoe size, the bigger the deck should be. For tall boys we recommend a slightly longer and wider deck. If you are smaller and lighter, you will also feel very comfortable on a shorter and narrower board.

The bigger the board, the easier it is for beginners to get on and the safer the ride. Keeping balance on a bigger board is easier in the beginning. For beginners we generally recommend a bigger board with a higher center distance. The smaller surf skateboards allow short, jagged swings and turns similar to the shortboards while surfing. The longer surf skateboards with a higher center distance run more stable and smooth similar to the longboards while surfing.

Which surfskate size?: Surfskate Size Table

For the decision on a suitable surfskate we have created a table with body height, weight and board length as a guide.

Height Weight Surfskate Length
 under 155cm  25kg - 55kg  under 30"
 150cm - 170cm (5”0` - 5”7`)  40kg - 75kg  27 - 31”
 160cm - 181cm (5”3` - 5”11`)  50kg - 85kg  30 - 32”
 165cm - 187cm (5”4` - 6”2`)  60kg - 90kg  31”- 33”
 175cm - 193cm (5"7` - 6”4`)  70kg - 100kg  32”- 35”
 182cm - 203cm (6”0`- 6”8`)  85kg - 120kg  34”- 39”

The table serves as a guideline for the selection of a surfskate. But nothing is carved in stone. Depending on the use and purpose, the table can also be ignored: For example, if you are looking for a Mini Cruiser Surfskate for the city and are bigger than 180cm, you can easily do this with a board under 30". Conversely, someone who is lighter and would like to drive long carves or want to cover more distance can take a longer board. However, you should always check if the length of the board still sutis with your normal stance, ideally you are able to position your feet above the rear truck and slightly behind the front truck.

I am surfskate beginner?

You have no experience with longboards, skateboards or carver skateboards? That is no problem! Everybody starts small!

With some practice you will learn to pump and turn with the carver skateboards quite fast. Already after the first sessions you make clear progress and get the hang of it!

As a beginner you will feel more comfortable on a stable board. Therefore we recommend a longer and wider board with a larger centre distance. For beginners, we advise to wear protective equipment such as helmet and knee pads.

Carver or YOW surfskate?

Carver Skateboards is a pioneer in the development of surf skates and manufactures high quality axle systems. Even in the third season the axles still work like on the first day!

YOW Surf is a rather young surf skate brand with a slightly different surf skate system than the one from Carver. The YOW system can be used as an upgrade kit for a conventional longboard.

Both systems work very well for surf skating! The YOW system tilts much easier from one side to the other than the carver boards. The YOW Surfskate is therefore much more agile: The change from a carver to a YOW board feels like the change from a classic longboard to a carver surfskate.

Our conclusion: Whoever is new to surf skating is definitely right with a carver board! The Carver Boards are still as much fun in the third season as on the first day. If you want to train purely for surfing and have already tried out surf skating, you should definitely try the YOW Surfskate!

Which surfskate is best for surf training?

For surf training we recommend the boards from YOW Surf oder Carver Skateboards. The Surfskate axle systems from YOW have the strongest movement radius of all surf skates. With YOW Surf boards you can do much tighter turns and surf maneuvers like cutbacks than with other surf skateboards. Especially the movements on the YOW surfskate and Carver Skateboards feel very round!

If you want to push your surfing skills, YOW Surfkates is the right choice for you!

You have a little more body weight and want to lean fully into the turns and put real pressure on the rail, just like on a surfboard, then the Carver Surfskate is just as good at pushing your surfing to the next level!

Which wheels are suitable for surf skateboards?

When choosing the wheels, the wheels size and the wheels hardness are decisive.

Wheel size, diameter:
For surfkates, suitable wheels are in the range of 60mm to 70mm diameter.
Small wheels are more agile and work better in the park, on transitions or in the bowl. Larger wheels are smoother and work better on bad surfaces or just on the road.

Wheel hardness:
The higher the durometer (A degrees), the harder the wheels. Soft wheels offer more grip when carving. Hard wheels slide more easily.
78a - 81a is a very good average and is recommended as standard for surfskates.


You can pay either with Paypal, direct debit, credit card or by prepayment.
If you pay with Paypal, direct debit or credit card, your order can be processed directly. If you pay in advance, we will ship your order only after the money has been credited to our account. You will receive the account details with the order confirmation.


We usually ship within 48 hours with DHL after receipt of payment. Normally we ship the order on the same day we receive the payment.
We send complete surf skates or decks as a package with tracking number. Smaller orders (rolls, ball bearings, etc.) we send as DHL parcel.

Shipping costs Germany:
Orders within Germany are free of shipping costs from a value of 80 €. For orders under 80 € we raise forwarding expenses of 4,90€.

Shipping costs for the rest of the EU:
Flat rate 16,99 €

Is it possible to ship to Switzerland?

Unfortunately we cannot deliver directly to Switzerland. However, we have customers from Switzerland who order to a delivery address or to friends and acquaintances in Germany and pick up the board there personally.


We always have testboards for sale, which are not online in our shop. Write to us and we will send you pictures.

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