Carver Hotdogger 42

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Carver Hotdogger 42 - Longboard Surfing on land: Cross Steps & Hang Fives - Hang loose!

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Carver Hotdogger 42 Complete

Since we only need but one classic longboard in our quiver we went for our favorite classic 1960’s hotdog shape. In an era when this represented the highest in surfboard performance, this was the classic template; wider at the tail for a rearward pivot point and narrower towards the nose for better trim on the face of the wave. With our super snappy surf trucks this giant of the waves truly does live up to its shape. Here, the wider tail section gives you width towards the rear where you’ll spend most of your time riding, while the narrower nose section removes excess weight for easier pumping while still inviting a nose walk when you feel the hankering. A big tail lifts the nose like the deck was inches shorter, and the nose spooned nose kick is just right for hang ten manuals. We recommend getting this board with the CX truck set if you want the feel of a tri fin high performance set-up, or with the C7 set-up if you want the feel of a flowing single fin performance set-up. It’s surprisingly nimble for a board with a 26 ¾” wheelbase, especially with the CX truck set.

Du kannst das Carver Board entweder mit Carver C7 oder CX Achsen fahren. Beide Achsen funktionieren mit dem Board einwandfrei und Surfmanöver können gleichermaßen gut gefahren werden. Das C7-Set gibt dem Board eine fließende Performance mit einer breiten Spanne an Einstellungsmöglichkeiten. Das CX-Set wird dem Board eine zackigere Leistung mit einem leichteren Rahmen ermöglichen.

Für Jungs und Mädels von Beginner bis Profi!


  • Deck: Carver Hotdogger
  • Deck-Breite: 9.875” (25,08 cm)
  • Deck-Länge: 42" (106,68 cm)
  • WheelBase: 26.75” (67,95 cm)
  • 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple
  • Achse: Carver CX oder Carver C7 (Nose) / Carver C2 (Tail)
  • Achsen-Größe: 6.5" (165 mm)
  • Kugellager: ABEC-7
  • Rollen: Carver Wheels 70mm 79a Roundhouse Smoke Set
  • das Deck liefern wir komplett montiert
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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Size 106,68 cm | 42"
Deck Width 25,08 cm | 9.875"
Wheelbase 68 cm | 26.75"
Kicktail Single Kicktail
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