Light Rev Skate Series 6.2 Shortboard

2-3 Tage
Das Rev Skate Series 6.2 von Light ist ein Shortboard für Advanced Surfer.
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You want a Board that does it all - here we go! Effortless paddling and glide combined with lip blasting vertical capabilities. This is the small wave charger. Deep single concave to v behind the fins and a soft medium rail for smooth rail to rail surfing. The wide nose and tail will carry you over the fatest sections. This ist the perfect blend between a modern fish and a high performance model. Ride this board 4-5 inch shorter than your average shortboard.
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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Surfboard Länge 6.2
Surfboard Type Shortboard
Surf Level Advanced
Surfboard Tail Squash Tail
Fin Set Up 5 Fin (Thruster + Quad)
Finnen System FCS II
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