Futures Quad Thruster 5 Fin Set V2F4 GEN Series

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Futures Quad Thruster 5 Fin Set V2F4 GEN Series - 5 Fin Speed Generating 7-10 Surfboard Finnen von Futures in Größe S für Surfer mit 48kg - 70kg

The F4 Generation Series 5-Fin set, is a small Speed Generating quad/thruster combo with a Ride Number of 7.0. The latest in speed generating fins, the Gen Series features a V2 foil for fluidity and a unique blend of uni-directional carbon and fiberglass for a more stable flex pattern. The F-Series templates feature a good balance of height, base and area for a bit more stability, and the quad rears feature an 80/20 foil and pair perfectly with any wider tail quad.

Side Fins Center Fin Rear Fin
Area 14.22 14.22 10.73
Height 4.37 4.37 3.76
Base 4.22 4.22 3.71
Foil V2 SYMM 80/20

Lieferumfang: 5 Finnen
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Lieferzeit2-3 Tage
Finnen GrößeS
Fin Set Up5 Fin (Thruster + Quad)
Finnen SystemFutures
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