Futures Quad Thruster 5 Fin Set AM2 Techflex

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Futures Quad Thruster 5 Fin Set AM2 Techflex - 5 Fin Speed Control 1-4 Surfboard Finnen von Futures in Größe L für Surfer mit 80kg +

The AM2 Techflex 5-Fin, designed by Al Merrick of Channel Island Surfboards, is a large size Speed Control quad/thruster combo with a Ride Number of 4.0/4.0 respectively. As one of the most popular thruster fins in the range the template features a wider base and refined tip, for the perfect mix of drive and release. The quad rears follow the same profile, offering a perfect option for a heavy foot or extra wide tail board.

Side Fins Center Fin Rear Fin
Area 15.98 15.32 12.26
Height 4.73 4.49 4.34
Base 4.64 4.63 4.07
Foil FLAT SYMM 80/20

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Lieferzeit2-3 Tage
Finnen GrößeL
Fin Set Up5 Fin (Thruster + Quad)
Finnen SystemFutures
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