Carver USA Resin 32.5

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Carver USA Resin 32.5 - für die größeren Jungs des USA Surf Team!

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Carver USA Resin 32.5

We refer to this board around the factory as the ‘Masters’ model, because we recognized that the bigger guys on the USA Surf Team needed a model too. Like a 6’ 10” surfboard, this is a performance board for the men on the team, a board that holds a fast line with its extended wheelbase, all the while cutting smooth lines across the asphalt with the stability of full sized performance deck. The longer 18” wheelbase feels best at a wide stance with your feet over the trucks for the most power in those bigger carves. USA Team surfers use this model to train for strength and power, warm up before paddling out and skate the bigger hills with stability. The classic squash tail template gives you a proper tail to pivot from but removes some of the weight from the nose, easing rail-to-rail transitions. The artwork is a classic resin surfboard design in the colors of the American flag, representing the essence of the team concept: Surfing America with an emphasis on SURF.

Carver USA Resin Eigenschaften:

  • Deck: Carver Team USA Resin 32.5
  • Breite: 9.875" (25,34 cm)
  • Länge: 32.5" (82,55 cm)
  • WheelBase: 18” (45,72 cm)
  • 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple
  • Single Kick Tail
  • Achse: Carver C7 oder Carver CX.4
  • Achsen-Größe: 6.5"
  • Rollen: Carver Smoke Roundhouse Wheels 70mm 78a
  • Kugellager: ABEC-7
  • das Deck liefern komplett montiert

Carver Team USA Resin Video

Mehr Informationen
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Länge 82,55 cm | 32.5"
Deck Breite 25,08 cm | 9.875"
Achsenabstand 18
Kicktail Single Kicktail
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