Carver Proteus 33 Tommii Lim Surfskate-carver-CX

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Carver Proteus 33 Tommii Lim Surfskate - Amazing allround surfskate in new art design by Tommii Lim!
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TOMMII LIM - PROTEUS International painter, designer and muralist Tommii Lim confronts the zeitgeist of today’s instant gratification, digital era by building large-scale works that deconstruct observation and form, seducing them into high contrast, minimalist black-and-white compositions. Lim seeks to disrupt a viewer’s line of sight by building bold, immersive installations and murals with his Optical Sculpture techniques, employing forced perspective methods to manipulate the human eye into forming 3D objects from 2D surfaces, thus allowing the viewer to fully immerse themselves in his paintings for a brief moment in time. Lim’s bold use of shape fits perfectly with the Proteus, itself a shape that forces a reevaluation of archetypal templates and encourages an immersive interaction. 33" TOMMII LIMM PROTEUS: Set on a mid-sized Carver Proteus shape, the Tommii model provides lots of front foot area so you can really spread your feet out for a proper surfboard stance.
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Lieferzeit 3-4 Tage
Länge 83,82 cm | 33"
Deck Breite 25,08 cm | 9.875"
Achsenabstand 47,9 cm | 18.875"
Kicktail Single Kicktail
Achse Carver CX.4
Rider Gewicht 60kg - 70kg, 70kg - 80kg, 80kg - 90kg, 90kg - 100kg
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