Carver Longboard 41 - 104cm - Drifter CV

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Carver Longboard - Drifter Carver CV Drop Up - Cruiser, Carving, Freestyle Longboard von Carver Skateboards mit Carver CV Achse für super smoothe Turns.
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Carver Longboard - Drifter Carver CV Drop Up

Cruiser, Carving, Freestyle und Freeride Longboard von Carver Skateboards. Das Longboard ist mit der hochwertigen Carver CV Achse ausgestattet für super smoothe Turns.

This symmetrical drop thru shape is built for speed. The 11 ply construction adds heft and stability, so whether your pushing across town through traffic or carving and sliding down a paved hill, the Drifter will hold your line without chatter, and the angled Gas Pedals along the rail help give your feet an extra edge for better control.

Acclaimed skater and artist Jason Adams painted the Spaceman graphic.

Carver CV Trucks

This truck has been in development for years, the dark little secret we've been testing and perfection with our friends. It's the traditional 50 degree RKP (Reverse King Pin) truck that we critiqued on a micro level and fIxed all the bugs. The straighter kingpin eases the rail a bit so you get a smoother range with fIrmer bushings, which stiffens up the center so pushing and speed are stabilized. The softer rail makes these trucks great hill carvers, and makes initiating a slide easier.

Carver Longboard Drifter CV Eigenschaften

  • Deck: Carver Drifter
  • Länge: 104 cm / 41"
  • Breite: 9 7/8"
  • Wheelbase: 31"
  • Achsen: Carver CV Drop Up 7.5"
  • Rollen: Carver Wheels - 75mm/78A Aqua Mags
  • Griptape Style - Single Stringer

Carver CV Longboard Achse in Action

Die Carver CV Achse eignet sich perfekt für Carving, Freeride und Freestyle Longboarding.

Mehr Informationen
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Länge 104 cm | 41"
Achse Carver CV
Achsen Befestigung Drop Through
Rider Gewicht 50kg - 60kg, 60kg - 70kg, 70kg - 80kg, 80kg - 90kg, 90kg - 100kg
Riding Style Carving, Cruiser, Dancing, Freeride, Freestyle
Rollen Größe 75mm
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